Six Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel- Get It Perfect!

If you are ready to do a renovation on your home, the kitchen is the place with the most potential. Steven Gambrel designs such things for your room, making them a place of carefully selected sophistication. The main goal to keep in mind when designing is to let just a few pieces stand out, while using a good color palette, and let the house truly become a part of its surroundings rather than be a mismatched eyesore.

The Right Material

Use little tricks like islands to create a sense of a larger space. Consider matching the island material to the other things in the kitchen and house. It gives the illusion of a light breezy atmosphere.

Good Lighting

Depending on what feel you want to have in your room, lighting is key. Choose a pendant or toned-down light for a relaxed effect. Pick one that goes in all directions that glows.

Focus Areas

With a good color comes things such as a linear effect making your room bigger than it seems. Put a pop of color on one or two things or just the edges to get the desired look. Give your cabinets a gloss to draw the eye.

Old is New

Include antique pieces in your newly designed room to bring the feel of the past. Search old markets or yard-sales. If you can get them working again it really makes them a functioning part of your home.

The Big One

Since you do have a few large pieces in the kitchen regardless, it works to make them a focus since they already are. Go with the flow and highlight them in a way. Ensure they are bright and go with the theme.

More Space

Get a few good shelves or holders that are open rather than closed. Take out old cabinets and install shelves that let you easily grab what you need while not having a closed off look. The vibe of your room will be much brighter and spacious.


Essentially, creating a new interior environment for your kitchen is about using things like efficient supplies and lighting, keeping it alive but not in chaos. Provide a house with warmth that takes on the notions of the land it is on. Take notes from your advisors and work to present an idea that would suit your needs.

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