iPhone and Android Fast Wireless Charger: Here Are The Best One

For many people out there, especially those fellow Apple products users, we all know that AirPods are not the only one that has its cord eliminated by the company, because chargers too!

Of course, the corded chargers are still there. But for now, in this article we will focus on the best wireless charger for iPhone XS because it offers a lot of convenience particularly in this modern age.

The thing about wireless chargers is that they work by creating a magnetic field that induces a current to your iPhone. After the induction of the current, a particular component inside your smartphone will capture the electrical waves and will utilize them in order to charge your phone’s battery.

In order to elaborate more of this principle, let’s take a look at our top picks below. Also, we will share you some valuable information as well as tips in order to fully maximize the use of these types of chargers.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Summary

If you’re looking for a wireless charger for your new AirPods, iWatch, and your iPhone then the Seneo 2 in 1 is a perfect fit for your needs. This wireless charger is incorporated with advanced ATB technology that helps for faster charging speed. However, keep in mind that this unit doesn’t come with the iWatch Magnetic charging cable and a QC 3.0 wall adapter. (Source)

The Yootech Wireless Charger on the other hand features a two pack design. With such design, you will be able to charge your iPhone both horizontally and vertically. It’s also perfect if you want it to share to your family or friends. Moreover, it features three charging modes for different phone needs. (Source)

The Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave 7.5 Stand features a sleek design with rounded edges to achieve a more modern touch. It is Qi-certified and supports fast charging for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, Xs Max, Xs, X, 8, 8 Plus, and even Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, and note 10 and 9. (Source)

Who Should Get This?

Are you currently using the colorful iPhone XR, or perhaps you have the newest iPhone XS in your possession? If that’s the case, you should be aware that there are a number of awesome new features that you should note of. One of those features is wireless charging.

Just from the name itself – wireless charging, you can tell that it can give you a hassle-free charging. Wireless charging can make your phone’s battery full as simple as simply placing your phone on your desk, which also get rids of any clutter you have.

Is Wireless Charging Practical?

But how practical a wireless charger for you is? You see, wireless chargers nowadays can charge your device through the air. However, these wireless chargers themselves require to be plugged into any electric outlet.

But then again, if you usually charge your device in the same location every single day then it simply makes sense to just place a wireless charger at that particular location in order to eliminate the use of cord.

On the flip side, if you’re that kind of a person who’s always on the go, and doesn’t keep his phone in a certain fix location then a corded charger is most likely a more practical choice. A power bank is also a good choice if you have some extra budget for it.

What to Consider?

Charging Speed

We’re now in the digital era, but technology is still not perfect. We imply that most wireless innovations are still capable of lags. According to this site , charging speeds can differ based on the kind as well as quality of your wireless pad. Most of these pad normally come in 5W, 7.5W, and even 10W.

Respectively, 5W offers a decent standard charging speed, while 10W provides faster charging speed. However, keep in mind that “quick charge” wireless pads that you see online are probably designed for Android or Samsung phones. And they might not be compatible with your iPhone device.


Even though they are called “wireless” chargers, you can’t still bring them anywhere or anytime. But sometimes, you will left them in the open for quite some time, and thus it’s a smart decision to pick one that will meet your aesthetic expectations before even purchasing it. Don’t worry because wireless chargers will match any room you’d like to place it in since they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

QI and PWA Wireless Technology

Currently, there are two versions of wireless charging technology. Let’s further elaborate them below.

Qi Wireless Technology

The first one is the QI which is used by Apple in their smartphones. This also means that any charger that is compatible with other QI phones like LG or Samsung will also be compatible to your iPhone even if they are market for Android devices. In short, you don’t have to buy a costly charger specifically designed for the iPhone XS.

PWA Wireless Technology

On the other hand, you don’t want to but a PWA charger because it won’t be compatible with the QI hardware inside your iPhone. Essentially, both QI and PWA work in the same way. However, because they function on different wavelengths, then your phone won’t probably be able to capture the power output from a PWA wireless charger.

Best Wireless Charger for IPhone XS (3 fastest & safest Choices In 2020)

1. Wireless Charger, Seneo 2 in 1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad with iWatch Stand

What We Like:

  • It is simple and easy to use, not to mention that it doesn’t take up much space
  • Phone case friendly and has a compartment to hide the watch cord
  • Qi, CE, FCC ID, and UL certified
  • It supports AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro for wireless charging
  • Fast charging rate for iPhone and can charge both iWatch and iPhone at the same time

What We Don’t Like

  • It can’t be plugged into an outlet and requires an adapter
  • You need to pay attention to ensure that the phone is lined up accordingly on the charger, or it might not charge

2. Yootech Wireless Charger,[2 Pack] 10W Max Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Stand

What We Like:

  • Superior quality and safety because it is Qi-certified
  • Features Multifunctional Intelligent Protect Technology that gives temperature control and helps extend battery life
  • Case-friendly because it works with rubber, plastic, and TPU cases of up to 4mm thick
  • Incorporated with LED light indicator that won’t disrupt your sleep
  • You can charge your device both horizontally and vertically

What We Don’t Like

  • It only accepts USB-C connections so you can’t utilize the longer USB-micro A cords that come along with your device
  • Doesn’t come with any adapter

3. Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave 7.5 Stand, Qi-Certified

What We Like:

  • Comes with a sleek and minimal design
  • Affordable and very easy to set up
  • It is placed at an optimal angle so you can easily view your messages
  • Features a LED lighting indicator
  • Case-friendly and directly charges through protective cases such as rubber, plastic, and TPU

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s quite hard to swipe up to unlock the phone when it is in the stand
  • You need to provide or buy your own wall adapter

Useful Tips or Tricks

Are you disappointed because you can’t use wireless chargers since you have an old version of iPhone?

Well, no worries because you can easily solve this issue by simply acquiring an adapter or even just a wireless charging case will do the trick. You see, both of these accessories are incorporated with the technology for receiving stored charge power and transfer the accumulated power to your old iPhone. On a side note, if you already have a case, then you might want to consider getting an adapter.

Now, what if you have a wireless charger but you can’t use it because there’s not power outlet nearby? Well, the solution is simple. Get yourself a power bank!

We’re pretty sure that you know what power banks are for, right? If so, then here’s a list of high capacity power banks that you can use. Don’t worry, because most of them are also compatible with wireless charging.

Closing Words

Having a wireless charger get rids a lot of hassle that corded chargers give. With wireless chargers, your clutter can be significantly minimized. Additionally, it comes with a lot of functionalities that corded chargers can’t provide.

Keep in mind that in this modern day and age, wireless system provides a lot of advantages and benefits. But, this very technology is still not in its full potential that it can support the entire world. However, since it already exists, let’s just take advantage of what we can get out of it.

All in all, there’s just a lot to like when it comes to wireless technology, especially its future development. How about you? Do you have any experience with the wireless chargers we mentioned above? Do you agree that wireless chargers are far better than corded ones?

Kindly comment any feedback or thoughts you have in the comment section below. And we hope to see you in another review.

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