What You Must Know Before Buying a Cordless Drill & Driver

Having the right cordless drill is essential when working with different projects. There are both basic and advanced drills. Basic drills are essentially used for small projects while advanced drills provide the power to handle large projects and materials that are tough to penetrate. When looking for a good cordless drill, look for the features it offers. This includes things such as its capabilities, comfort in handling, batteries that are long lasting and providers support if something goes wrong.


It is important to check the power drill for Lithium-ion batteries. The higher the drill’s voltage, for example 18 volts or more, are especially designed to drill into metal or other hard surfaces. These batteries last a long time, are as powerful as other battery models and are light weight.

There is nothing worse than running out of power in the middle of a project. To avoid this problem, if you purchase a drill with two batteries, one can be charging while the other is in use. Always look at the amount of time it takes to charge a battery to avoid having both batteries run out of power at the same time.


As with any tool, it is important to look at the design to make sure it has the important features such as being balanced, lightweight and comfortable. This will make it possible for you to work on your project with ease. An ergonomic drill, for example, is lightweight and well balanced. This eliminates the tiring burden of carrying a heavy drill while you are trying to work on a weekend project or a job site. An ergonomic drill, as a rule, weighs under 5 pounds with the weigh balanced above and below the grip. This evenly distributed weight makes for ease when doing small or large projects.

Many times, it is difficult to see where you are drilling due to shadows or other problems. Some drills now offer LEDs that work like a flashlight to illuminate the area in front of you. This is a real plus when you are working in a close area with little light available. Another feature to look for is a bit holder that comes attached to the drill itself.


To determine a good drill from an excellent one, there are a number of things to look for. This includes the RPMs. The higher the RPMs, the higher the speed. This is important when you are doing things such as drilling holes. A drill with two speed settings allows you to use the high speed setting for drilling and the low speed for small things such as driving screws. This is especially important when doing finishing work that requires the screws or holes to be exactly placed.

The industry standard for measuring a drill’s strength is call the torque. This also measures a drill’s turning force. Always choose a tool that has a high torque rating if you wish to drill into harder surfaces. Operating at high speeds and producing a high level of torque produces a power drill that makes working on tough projects a simple matter.

Adopted by some companies, there is a new rating system regarding a drill’s overall capabilities called power. Under this rating, the speed and torque of the drill is combined to equal power. This has been reduced to the initials UWO. These companies state that the higher UWO rank a drill has, the faster it will perform various functions. Companies using the power system do not disclose their drills’ torque ratings. This, according to some companies, is because a direct comparison between torque and power is not available.

Clutch settings are extremely important when you are purchasing a cordless drill. It should have a minimum of 20 settings which can be used in a  cordless screwdriver mode. This allows you to avoid placing screws too deep or stripping them altogether. Having numerous clutch settings allows you to set the force needed to drive the screw to its exact depth.


Power tools, like other types of equipment, can become damaged after a certain amount of use. This makes it essential, when making a purchase, to carefully check out company warranties. A good warranty will replace or repair a defective drill over a substantial amount of time. As a rule, these warranties are divided into two parts, the drill and the batteries. Companies that furnish telephone and email support, as well as a FAQs section and online user manual, are the ones to look for when purchasing an expensive drill or other tools.

Purchasing a best cordless screwdriver, drill or driver that has high speed, power, good design, outstanding battery features and a good warranty means that you have purchased one of the best tools available. This can make your projects a joy to work on with excellent results.

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