Things To Look For When Buying a USB Car Charger

You do taking a road trip soon?

When I go get a road trip, even just a day trip to the mountains, I do not forget my USB car charger. My USB car charger is a machine that fits into the twelve volt outlet in my vehicle. The twelve volt outlet is otherwise known as the old cigarette lighter outlet.

What is the better type of USB car charger?

With a multitude of USB car chargers on the market today, this is an increasingly serious question. There are a few things I look for in a usb car charger adapter. I look at the amount of amps put out by each port. The port is the devices opening that fits the USB part of the charging cord.

With the high power required by today’s smart phones and tablets, it is best that I look for an amp output for my USB car charger for 2.4 amps. This is something required by most of today’s phones and tablets.

The higher the amp output the better. If I want my smart phone to charge properly and not lose charge as it is charging, then I want a higher amp for my USB car charger.

Not all charging cords are made for today’s phones. This is true for USB car chargers. I want my device to stay nice and charged, so I want a higher amp for the device to charge. When I need my phone say, GPS navigation while en route to my destination, I do not want the phone to die out.

How many people are going on your road trip?

The more people on your trip, the more devices that will need charging. The more devices that need charging the more ports for the USB car charger you will need. USB car chargers are available with four or even six port.

However, another solution I have is an extender for the USB car charger outlet. This will extend for more devices to be attributed at one time. The more people on my road trip, the more devices that need charging. If I only have four USB ports, and there are four of us, each needing two port, I might run into a problem.

Other things I consider when choosing a USB car charger.

When taking a road trip by myself, or a group of friends, I tend to think about the shape of the USB car charger. Some makes and models of vehicles do not give much wiggle room when it comes to the space nearest the cigarette outlet.

I tend to find one that is just an inch or two. This is a great idea when I travel for work. This gives me an opportunity to use it for all types of vehicle.

Also, I wish i had a light on my USB car charger. I choose one that is red and not very bright. The red helps me see the charger, especially at night. Also, when the light is placed on, I know the charger is working.

I do not like white or blue light. They tend to distract me while I am driving at night. Especially the white light. The white light is extremely bright.

I like the longer cords for charging in the car. These have a tendency to give me more wiggle room when I need it to mount my phone. I have a dash mount that is magnetic and the phone needs to charge when mounted. So, I have a tendency to buy a longer cord.


When taking a road trip, do not forget your trusty USB car charger. This is part of the most important items to bring on your road trip. This is essential not just for your device, but for others who are on the road trip with you.