5 Classic Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Cropped Pixie, The Definition of Short and Classy Hairstyle

There are short haircuts, but then there are short haircuts as iconic as the people who wears them. According to Judy McGuinness, a stylist in a salon in New York City, the cropped pixie hairstyle is a classic. You will see several superstars making statements with this short classic hairstyle. You to can make a statement with the short pixie and bangs. You tell your stylist to keep the length the same, and the cropped pixie can reveal to your friends how stylish you really are.

Pixie Cut with Length Will Never Leave You Short on Compliments

A versatile haircut to make you stand out in a crowd would be the Pixie Cut with length. If you chose this iconic short hairstyle, you would be in good company. Entertainers such as Viola Davis and Kris Jenner wears same hairstyle. The short cut is versatile because of the length of your hair on top and the side. If you want to be bold, you could add some accessories to really make your short hairdo pop. If you want all eyes on you wherever you go, the Pixie Cut with Length will get you the glimpses, long stares, and awes you desire.

Classic Square Bob, Simple but Elegant

I almost mistaken the name of this classic short hairstyle with my kids’ favorite cartoon Sponge Bob SquarePants. Luckily, Classic Square Bob hairstyle is more fashionable than a cartoon character. You will find the short hairstyle quite amusing. With any texture of hair, you could feel confident wearing the Square Bob. The short hairstyle also provides you with options to create a more impressive look. You could add more to your bangs or a simple side-swept. You can be elegant with little maintenance to remain outstanding with the Classic Square Bob. You want the luxury of making simple adjustments, and have your friends shower you with compliments.

The Long Shaggy Bob Will Have Your Friends Talking

The Long Shaggy Bob will have your friends saying you look like Taraji P. Henson or Cate Blanchette. You can make a statement with your hair as both Henson and Blanchette do with similar short hairstyles. According to McGuinness, you want to use a razor to create layers for the hairstyle. To achieve your desired look, you want the length of the Long Shaggy Bob to fall between your chin and your collarbone. Anytime is a good time to have your style show with your choice of wearing a classic hairstyle, the Long Shaggy Bob. By picking the Bob, it tells your friends, you know exactly what style is all about, and you are not afraid to be bold with a memorable hairstyle.

Make A Statement with the Blunt Lob

When you are straddling the fence and you cannot determine if going with a short hairstyle is what you want, you may consider the Blunt Lob. The Blunt Lob allows you to have a short haircut, but not short enough for friends to start whispering behind your back. The only words your friends would be saying, you are chic for selecting the Blunt Lob for your hairstyle. Blunt Lob is for you if you are not into layers or if a precision cut appeases your sense of style. Superstar, Allison Williams wears a similar hairstyle; therefore, you both can look stunning and let your friends make a big fuss about your great hairstyle. You are not alone if you have admiration for short hairstyles. Each are classic, and the Blunt Lob has its rightful place regarding how to present stylish looks with your hair.


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